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The Studio A is SonicFab’s flagship, it’s a little masterpiece of acoustic and aesthetic design.

The project has been made by Donato Masci (Studio Sound Service), one of the top acoustic designers in Europe, who has designed the studio around the amazing Genelec 1234A for a stunning audio performance which can be rarely found in averages music studios.

The core of the studio is a powerful SSL Matrix, the best solution to run an hybrid studio which fully integrates nowadays digital production workflows with high end hardware outboards, for a no-compromises quality result.

Services mixing, mastering, production, audio for video, recording.


Genelec Studio Sound Service Midiware
3FSoundVision Telmotor Ambra Art


The Studio B is a friendly environment for production and sound design.

The acoustic have been fixed by Maxx Monopoli, resulting in a well balanced and true sounding room, making Studio B perfect for mixing, editing and sound design applications, both in the audio and video realms, where you can focus entirely on the artistic side of your project.

The core of the studio is a fully analog patching thru an SSL XDesk, allowing quick switches between digital and external gear, making it easy to experiment and access to a wider and fresh set of sounds and sonic tools.

Services: production, mixing, sound design and music for video.


Highly functional studio which has been set and equipped to be used for both video and photo purposes: photo shootings, video shootings with chroma greenback, multicam internet live streamings and more. The studio is equipped with a rock-solid light setup to satisfy all the needs of great lighting.
The studio is equipped with a rock-solid light setup to satisfy all the needs of great lighting.

The studio is perfect for artists press pictures, video teasers, live streaming, merchandise and product photography.


The studio is conceived around passioned producers and creators in order to give them the needed resources to explore all the areas of the graphic design, videomaking, postproduction and 3D animation. We can design kickass logos or refresh an existing one and provide all the fresh-new contents for a proper branding on social media platforms.

We can create all the media to promote musical releases: from cover art to video/audio contents. Our designers and creators have a huge palette of tools to let ideas become true.
And... just turn a chair and be ready to go live on internet with multicam broadcast HD quality.