Merchandise is a very important activity for an artistic project, in terms of both branding and incomes generation.
With a proper merchandise plan, your fans will be the first promoters of your name, and generated incomes can be directly reinvested on the core of your project.

We have more than a decade of experience in creating, managing and handling merchandising e-commerce websites based on Magento platform, as well as in designing your collection and let it be produced by our selected suppliers.



Web Design

Your website is an important marketing tool for your music: it is "your house in the web".

Events Management

Organizing and making your event happen? We know how to do it, since 2 decades.


Merchandising is a very important part of you project, in terms of both branding and incomes.

Digital Label

Take care of music and marketing of your label, we will do the handling.

Studio consulting

Time to take your studio out of your bedroom?
It's easier than you think.


Let's create quality merchandise for your project: your fans will be your best promoters.