Maxx Monopoli

Head Engineer & CEO

Maxx Monopoli (Milan - Italy) is a wellknown producer, mixer and mastering engineer in the hard electronic dance music scene. He has started producing electronic music in 1990.
In 1995 he has founded his own label Traxtorm Records and, on this foundation, he has created the music company Sonic Solution in year 2000.
In 2015 he has renewed and rebuild the production facility of Sonic Solution creating SonicFab.

His passion for electronic music has begun during his IT high school period (as final exam he created a sampler on an 80286 Ms-Dos PC and a Burr Brown AD converter) and it has never stopped: he deeply explored MIDI and synthesis, and he was a pioneer of ProTools (since V4) for mixing electronic music.

During the past 2 decades he has been responsible of the production of many successful artists and projects in his genre, refining and improving his techniques, his skills and his critical listening.

Nowadays Maxx flawlessly combines the modern digital plugins world with the finest analogue hardware and classic tecniques, for a unique hybrid approach: the best of both worlds under his fingertips.
In parallel to his studio work, he is the general manager of Sonic Solution Entertainment and SonicFab.

Yes, he doesn't sleep much...



To enhance, balance and blend together every sound of your track and let it become a "real song".

Stereo Mastering

Finalize your track and make it stand out on every sound system and at any loudness level.

Stem Mastering

The premium version of the standard stereo mastering for more detailed interventions.

Studio consulting

Time to take your studio out of your bedroom?
It's easier than you think.

Additional Production

A little tip can make a big difference: add to your track a touch of that “pro” sound.

Audio for Video

From sound effects details to full scoring. 25 years of experience in the audio realm.

Individual classes

One-to-one studio classes in our studios with the SonicFab Pro, to understand and learn for real.


A beautiful voice recorded with poor equipments can ruin your track. We avoid that.

Maxx Monopoli'S HIGHLIGHTS