Stereo Mastering

Mastering is the final process do be applied to a track before commercial release.
Why do you need to master your mixdown?

Mastering is an essential process to achieve a competitive sound in terms of loudness and frequency balance using equalization, compression and other processes depending on each individual song.

With the combination of the finest software and high end outboards, we improve the quality of your final stereo mix to sound better when played on most sound systems, and we master it for the proper formats for your usages (CD, download, stream services, etc...)

Stereo Mastering

3D Animations

A world of possibilities for your creativity, at your command. Let's design the impossible.

Additional Production

A little tip can make a big difference: add to your track a touch of that “pro” sound.

Audio for Video

From sound effects details to full scoring. 25 years of experience in the audio realm.

Digital Label

Take care of music and marketing of your label, we will do the handling.


Merchandising is a very important part of you project, in terms of both branding and incomes.

Events Management

Organizing and making your event happen? We know how to do it, since 2 decades.

Graphic design & CGI

We got the designers you need to take your project to the next level.

Individual classes

One-to-one studio classes in our studios with the SonicFab Pro, to understand and learn for real.

Live Streaming

Online classes, podcasts, tutorials. Your shows need to be as professional as you are.

Logo Design

Crafty, elegant or aggressive. Your logo needs to show who you really are.


Let's create quality merchandise for your project: your fans will be your best promoters.


To enhance, balance and blend together every sound of your track and let it become a "real song".

Music Production

Turn your ideas and concepts into real and professional sounding tracks, ready to be released.


Your phone got 4 cameras? It still sucks compared to a professional shooting.

Post & VFX

Sometimes you need to spice things up or to create something which wasn't there: let's do it the right way.


A beautiful voice recorded with poor equipments can ruin your track. We avoid that.

Sound Design

The art of synthesize and manipulate audio to create the proper sound for your track or the perfect soundscape for your video.

Stem Mastering

The premium version of the standard stereo mastering for more detailed interventions.

Stereo Mastering

Finalize your track and make it stand out on every sound system and at any loudness level.

Studio consulting

Time to take your studio out of your bedroom?
It's easier than you think.

Video Production

World has changed, and we speak his new language. Videos for all needs.

Web Design

Your website is an important marketing tool for your music: it is "your house in the web".